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Welcome !

Hi dear adventurer, how do you do! Do you ever think to build your own game and sell it? It would be really fun, isn’t it? Becoming an Independent Game developer is something many may dream of, but it is quite a challenging adventure. If you are reading these words, it means that you are interested in Game development, If you are still hesitating to take the first step and jump into the adventure, let me tell you that you have nothing to fear. Welcome to Project Nero Game, the goal of the project is to facilitate your first steps into the Independent Game development Journey. It is quite a long journey, so let’s make it fun.

What you will be Learning

When you decide to create a Game, there are two things that you will have to do. The first thing is to build the game, this is what we commonly call Game development. The second thing is to share your game with others, maybe for free, maybe for a certain amount of money, this is what we call Game publishing. As an Independent Game developer, you will have to put your hands in both disciplines. The tutorials and articles you will find on this website will focus on the following topics.

  • Project Management :
    Build a game is a Project, the most important thing with a Project is to finish it in order to begin another one.
  • Software Project Management :
    A game is a software, develop good habits when writing your code and you will see how easy it is to build complex games.
  • Game Development :
    A game can be as simple or complex as you want, but remember, it should always be fun to play.
  • Game Puplishing :
    If you want people to buy or simply play your game, you will have to let them know how awesome it is.

The Nero Game Engine

What is a Game Engine ? A Game Engine is a software or simply a tool that allows you to create games. The main objective of a game engine is to simplify and speed up the development of a game. You can build a game without a Game Engine, but it will be really tough, I mean really really tough. For the purpose of this project, we will use our own game engine, which is called Nero Game Engine.

The Nero Game Engine is an Advanced SFML Game Engine built around Box2D. It has been designed to be Simple and Intuitive. SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) is a cross-platform library designed for games and multimedia applications. Box2D is a 2D physics simulator engine. By combining the power of those two libraries the Nero Game Engine offers an interface that will ease your first steps into the Game Development world.

The Engine is currently in its first version, In the future, more features will be added and the Engine will eventually grow and become a full feature and Indie Friendly Game Engine.

Are you a Total Beginner ?

The Nero Game Engine uses the C++/C++11 programming language. In order to follow the tutorials, you will need at least some basic knowledge in C++ or any other language with a similar syntax. Advanced knowledge in C++ is not required. Previous knowledge in game development may be useful but is not required.

If you are a Total Beginner and have never programmed before, I would recommend you to look for some programming courses before to jump into the tutorials. Many believe that C++ is a difficult language to start with, I will say that the only way to know is to try it. If you prefer to start with a more simple language I would recommend Lua. In the second version of the Engine, the Lua programming language will be added as a second language and users will be able to choose between C++ and Lua or use both at the same time.

We are a Community

What type of game would you like to make ? an action RPG, a platformer with shooting and a lot of puzzles ? Come on Twitter and let us know. Do you have any issue with your code or there is a feature in the Engine you don’t know how to use ? Ask any question on the Forum. Oooh ! you found a bug in the Engine you can open a new issue on Github.

Here are some useful links !

  • Twitter  : Don’t miss any news, let us know about your game project
  • Forum  : Feel free to ask any question here
  • Github : Find the Engine source code here
  • Youtube : Find some videos here
  • SFML Forum : Follow the Engine development here

Where to go now ?

If you have not downloaded the Engine yet, it is the first thing to do. You can download the Engine on the Home Page. The second thing to do would be to open an account in the Engine Forum. The Forum is a great tool to interact with others when developing with your game.

Now that you are ready, you can Create your First Project. Access the Tutorials Page and start your Journey.